4 Things You Need to Know Before Considering a Gum Graft

Gum acts as a protecting substance for teeth. In cases when gum is weak or when it simply wear off, gum graft is a suitable option. At Texas Dental Center, gum graft is an advanced procedure in which tissues from the palate is removed to implant it to the area of gum recession. Before choosing a gum graft surgery, it is always better to know these essential things related to it.

The benefits of a gingival graft

Gingival graft is often obtained because of its benefits.

  • It can ensure proper strengthening of gum.
  • It can protect teeth against wear off.
  • By covering the gum, it decreases the risk of tooth recession.
  • It can ensure better smile.
  • It can eliminate the issue of teeth sensitivity.

Success rate

Even though success rate depends upon the condition of the patient but satisfactory rate is comparatively high in most of the cases. One may get results just as natural gum. Teeth may attain right shape and appearance after a successful gum graft surgery. The patients that go for gum graft can have better appearance of teeth than the natural one. The success rate of gum graft surgery is comparatively high at Texas Dental Center when compared to other clinic.

The process

First step: Patient is prepared for the procedure and anesthesia is applied to the graft harvesting area.
Second step: Tissues are then carefully extracted from patients own palate.
Third step: The graft is then harvested.
Fourth step: Now the extracted tissue is then grafted to the gum receding area.
Fifth step: The area is sutured and leave for healing.

Duration of treatment

The complete procedure of gum graft at Texas Dental Center is divided into two sittings. The first sitting is the actual surgery day. The actual procedure may last up to one and a half hour. This is the procedure of actual gum graft. The second sitting includes removal of the sutures to monitor the actual results and keeping a track over the healing process.

How to Maintain a Healthy Diet during Orthodontic Treatment

For many health enthusiasts it’s important to take care of their body with proper exercise and eating healthy food. However, if you are going through an Orthodontic treatment in Houston TX, it can become a bit complicated to keep up with regular diet as several restrictions may be imposed on you as far as your eating food is concerned.

Here’s a Look at Some Suggestions:

What to Avoid with Braces

When you are wearing braces, the dentists in TX 77036 will advise you to stay away from sticky and hard food items as they can damage the orthodontics. The sticky food can get stuck in the braces and can loosen the brackets or wires. Some food items that you must avoid are protein bars, nuts, popcorn, trail mix, granola, fruit leather, peanut butter, and other sticky nut butters.

What to Eat with Braces

Though there are few items that you can’t eat, there is still a plenty of options that you can have while wearing braces. Food items that are soft and easy to chew are a good choice for you. You can have melons, noodles, chicken, yogurt, smoothies, cheese, bananas, eggs, steamed vegetables, grapes, rice, oranges, mashed potatoes, lunch meat, and soft beans to name a few.

What to Eat with Invisalign

Invisalign are one of the best substitutes for traditional braces. They are not only more comfortable but also make eating easier. Invisalign can be removed which means you need not wear them while eating. There’s no risk of any food item harming your orthodontics. You can eat even hard food items. All you need to do is remove the braces while eating. However, the primary concern is that you must brush your teeth after eating and before putting the aligners back. The food stuck in teeth inside the aligners will become a root cause of accumulation of plaque and tartar.

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