Beautify Your Smile With Teeth Whitening

Your smile can change the way you look and make you appear beautiful even if you aren’t. Presently we are stressing one many cosmetic treatments to appear better but are underestimating the beauty of our smile. A bright smile can make you appear pleasant and attractive. You may have a good set of teeth that would’ve made you confident. However, if the teeth are discolored they can dampen your spirits and compel you to hide your smile. You can, however, consider teeth whitening because it is one of the quickest methods to remove stains and discoloration without harming the surfaces of your teeth. The natural color of the teeth has a tinge of yellow and continues to become darker because of our habits with foods and beverages. Teeth whitening can remove the accumulated stains to bring back a sparkle to your teeth. This is not a one-time procedure and will require regular visits to the dentist.

What Changes The Color of Our Teeth To Yellow or Pale?

Brilliant white is not the color of our teeth. The color of the teeth is merely a reflection and scattering of the light on the surface. The outer layer of the tooth is the enamel and dentin is the color beneath this layer. Our genes determine the thickness of the enamel which when eroded reflects more of the dentin making our teeth discolored. A thin coat forms on the enamel to pick up the stains from whatever comes into contact with it. Given below are some reasons why our teeth become discolored or look dark.

  • We consume coffee, tea, colas, red wine and other beverages that leave behind stains over some time.
  • The brightness of our teeth is also influenced by genetics and therefore a finger can be pointed at our parents.
  • Deposits of plaque cause tartar to form on the inner surfaces that are difficult by a toothbrush.
  • Tiny cracks, injuries, and consumption of antibiotics can also discolor the teeth.
  • Smoking can also darken the teeth along with tobacco in any form.
  • Aging also plays a role in the discoloration.

The Teeth Whitening Procedure — How Is It Conducted?

The dental office offering teeth whitening near you will clean and restore your teeth to their natural color by removing any stains. A whitening gel consisting of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide will be applied on the surface of the tooth. Before the application, a rubber dam will be placed on the gums to protect them. The whitening gel will be left on the teeth for about 30 to 45 minutes. To allow the bleaching to act faster a specialized laser is activated on the surface of the tooth. At the end of the treatment, the results will display whitening by several shades.

Undergoing teeth whitening in Houston, TX, does not mean the procedure is over. Maintenance will be required and must be continued at home as suggested by the dentist at the clinic. Making use of the special trays provided for cleaning the teeth every day must be used if better results are desired. The dentist will provide recommendations on how to use the whitening solution for the at-home treatments.

When Teeth Whitening May Not Be A Good Idea?

  • Dental problems such as cavities can affect the color of the teeth and in such cases, whitening will not be a suitable solution. The cavity needs to be treated first before undergoing the procedure for the whitening.
  • Receding gums also have the potential to create an appearance of yellow teeth and do not receive any help from whitening products. In such cases teeth whitening at Houston, TX, will suggest that the teeth may become sensitive to the whitening treatment.
  • Cosmetic treatments such as dental crowns or veneers do not respond well to teeth whitening. The purpose of a crown or a veneer is to maintain the color it was developed in and therefore will not be affected by external agents.

If you are concerned with discolored teeth and are free from any of the problems that can prevent teeth whitening it should be the method considered to beautify your smile the quickest way possible. The treatments offered are safe and effective and will leave you with a sparkle in your mouth making you happy with the smile you are displaying.

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