before and after cosmetic treatment
Cosmetic surgery
September 7, 2015
Gum Regeneration
September 7, 2015
before and after cosmetic treatment

Some people’s gums appear to rest too low on their teeth, causing what is commonly known as a gummy smile. Gummy smiles can be heredity or they can result from disease or use of certain prescription drugs. One cosmetic dental solution to solve this problem is a gum contouring procedure known as dental crown lengthening. Crown lengthening is a minor surgical procedure that is completed by a periodontist to expose more tooth structure in one’s mouth. This is done by cutting the gingival tissue around the tooth and removing any excess tissue that extends above the tooth. The result of a crown lengthening procedure is the appearance of longer, more even looking teeth.

Most people who have gummy smiles tend to ignore it, and sometimes it may not be medically necessary to correct. Others, however, simply are not satisfied with the look of their smile and choose to undergo cosmetic dental procedures to correct it. Gum contouring procedures, like crown lengthening, can help those with gummy smiles achieve a beautiful, more even-looking smile.

Crown lengthening is a procedure that exposes a larger amount of tooth structure by cutting away excess gum tissue around the tooth. Often, this procedure is purely cosmetic for the purposes of enhancing the look of one’s smile. Ancillary gum contouring procedures, such as gum grafting may also be used in conjunction with crown lengthening procedures to reshape the gum line.

Those with gummy smiles or should always go to an experienced periodontist, who is a specialist at procedures such as gum contouring and crown lengthening procedures. It is important to make sure that your dentist has successfully completed these procedures before. Ask your dentist for his or her experience, client testimonials or before and after pictures to make sure you are completely comfortable with your procedure.

Gum contouring procedures are completed in the dentist’s office. The recovery period for this type of procedure ranges from a few days to weeks before your gums can heal completely and you are free to eat the foods you want and brush your teeth normally. Over-the-counter painkillers and ice packs can be taken to reduce pain and swelling after your surgery.

If you have a gummy smile and are interested in learning more about what crown lengthening can do for you, contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation with us.

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