Emergency Dental Treatments in Houston

Emergency Dental Treatments in Houston

December 12, 2018

Picking out the right dentist can be great for your smile. You want someone who is going to take your health into account, keep up with appointments, and encourage you to ask questions. You want someone who is going to make you feel comfortable as well. You also want someone who is going to help you with dental emergencies. Dental emergencies in Houston can pop up at any time, day or night, and you want someone who is going to address these problems right away. That’s why you should make sure your dentist provides emergency dental procedures.

What are the various types of dental emergencies?

There are many different types of dental emergencies. You might have been struck in the face with something, or you might have fallen and hit your face. Of course, your dental emergency could have nothing to do with being hit in the face at all. You might be suffering from something like a toothache that’s severe and won’t go away. Whatever kind of dental emergency you’re suffering from, you want to make sure you’re getting help right away before it becomes something more severe.


While a toothache might not seem like such a big dental emergency to you, it definitely can be. There are many reasons for a toothache and you should get checked out to see why your tooth might be hurting. It could be caused by something like too much decay. If it has affected the root of your tooth, you might need to look into something called root canal therapy. This sounds frightening, and can definitely be uncomfortable, but is often important in protecting your tooth’s help and stopping an infection from spreading to the rest of your mouth and affecting your overall health.

Broken Tooth

If you’ve suffered from a broken tooth, you should go to your dentist immediately. They can help repair it before you completely lose the tooth altogether. If you see someone soon enough, they can fix the damage and get your smile back to its natural appearance.

Knocked Out Tooth

Seeing a dentist immediately can be the difference between saving and losing a knocked-out tooth. Try and get in immediately and keep your tooth clean and preserved in milk while waiting to see your dentist.

Fallen Filling or Fallen Crowns

If you’ve suffered from a fallen filling or a fallen crown, you should get in to see your dentist in Houston right away. They can repair the damage and get you sent home.

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