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August 10, 2017
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Full Mouth Reconstruction
August 19, 2017
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Get A More Natural Look With High Quality Dentures

Tooth loss is a problem that affects the daily lives of millions of people around the world every day. Missing teeth can cause problems with one’s dental function, social and emotional well-being, and overall quality of life.
Custom dentures are a viable solution to help you restore your smile and confidence once again. Custom dentures are removable replacement teeth that can help you achieve the beautiful, functional smile you’ve always wanted.

Benefits Of Custom Dentures

There Are A Number Of Benefits To Getting Custom Dentures To Improve Your Smile, Including:

•    Enhanced appearance
•    Improved chewing ability and dental function
•    Better overall health
•    Greater self confidence
•    Less pain and discomfort

Custom dentures are designed to match perfectly with your facial appearance, existing teeth and even the contour of your gumline to ensure they fit aesthetically, functionally and comfortably. We attend to every detail in the creation of your dentures, including the position of your existing or former teeth, shape of your gumline, and tooth size and shade to make sure your custom dentures look and feel just like a natural set of teeth.

All Dentures Are Not Created Equal

Dentures are designed using a specific set of criteria that is distinct to each patient. They may also be fabricated using different techniques and comprised of different materials to ensure the perfect fit and feel. At The Texas Dental Center, we focus on creating premium quality dentures that allow you to eat, speak, smile and laugh with ease once more. Our custom dentures will keep you smiling for years!

How Can You Tell The Difference?

Your natural teeth are made up of layers that reflect light in different ways. If the dentures are made of low quality materials, they look flat or even dull in the mouth. They do not reflect light like natural teeth, which makes them easily identified as fake.

The high quality dentures we use at The Texas Dental Center are made by skilled designers who create the dentures in layers that reflect light in a similar way as natural teeth. The cross-linked acrylics that are used makes them more resistant to stains, chipping, wear and breakage, making them the top choice for a more natural look and feel.

With high-quality custom dentures, you can have the beautiful, functional and natural-looking smile you’ve always wanted. If you are interested in getting fitted for you custom set of dentures to improve your dental function, facial appearance and quality of life, contact our office today to learn more if custom dentures are right for you.

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