How Sedation Dentistry Can Help You Relax in the Dentist’s Chair

How Sedation Dentistry Can Help You Relax in the Dentist’s Chair

July 16, 2019

There are a lot of people who get scared even by the idea of going to a dentist. Here, we are listing down the intricacies of the sedation dentistry, which helps people to deal with the anxiety associated.

Sedation Dentistry

Based on the level of sedation injected, it can be classified into four types:

Minimal Sedation- A very slight sedation is performed on the individual and he is aware of the procedure being performed on him.

Moderate Sedation- The patient might fumble a bit while speaking, but he may or may not remember anything about the procedure.

Deep Sedation: The person who receives this sedation does not become totally unconscious but he might be totally unaware of the procedure.

General Anaesthesia: This is mainly administered in major operation cases where the person needs to be completely unaware of what is happening to him.

Types of Sedation used in Dentistry

Major Types of sedation used in Dentistry:

Inhaled minimal sedation:

Nitrous oxide is administered to the person and it generally has the effect of relaxing him/her. Although the person remains wholly conscious, he is at ease.

Oral Sedation:

An oral sedation may range from minimal to moderate sedation. The person is generally awake or half asleep during the procedure.

IV moderate sedation:

Sedation is administered through a vein. So, it has a quick response reaction.

Deep Sedation and General Anaesthesia:

Both these types of sedation make you either partially or totally unconscious.

On whom is Sedation performed?

Sedation is generally given to people who have high anxiety levels, low pain threshold and have sensitive teeth. Children are given oral sedatives or nitrous oxide depending on the requirements.

Who performs Sedation?

Any dentist can perform mild to moderate sedation. Doctors who complete the Commission on Dental Accreditation program are eligible to perform deep sedation or administer general anaesthesia.

Sedation Dentistry whether safe

Sedation is safe when performed by experienced dentists. However, the dentists need to check the age of patients, their medical background, if they are allergic to some drugs, body reactions of patients and so on.

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