Is Teeth Whitening a Safe Choice?

Is Teeth Whitening a Safe Choice?

December 28, 2018

Discoloration of teeth over time is natural, due to lifestyle choices, age, eating or drinking trends, tobacco use, and even your genes. But modern teeth whitening procedures can restore your smile. If you’ve considered teeth whitening to improve your smile and give you newfound confidence, you’ve probably wondered just how safe these treatments are. Texas Dental Center has put together everything you need to know about the safety of teeth whitening.

Why Are Your Teeth Stained?

There are many reasons why your teeth may become stained, and some of the most common are:

  • Regular consumption of dark liquids, such as wine, cola, and coffee
  • Poor brushing habits which contribute to excess tartar buildup
  • Smoking
  • Teeth grinding and other trauma
  • Excessive fluoride exposure in youth

These are some common reasons for stained teeth, but rest assured, regardless of the reason for your stained teeth, whitening will fix your smile.

Teeth Whitening – Your Options

Before delving into the world of teeth whitening, be aware that there are a number of options available. These range from applications which can be purchased at the drug store over the counter, to treatments only your dentist has access to. Let’s examine each in detail.

Over-the-Counter and Online Teeth Whitening Products

There are countless over-the-counter options available at your local store, as well as for purchase online. These are attractive because they are easy to apply, usually involving placing a strip over the teeth, and are usually very affordable. However, they are considerably less effective, and require continued use. In the long run, you are highly likely to spend a lot more on over-the-counter kits than you would at a dentist, and for inferior results.

Dentist Supplied Teeth Whitening Kits

Your dentist may supply you with whitening kits which are similar to the kits you can purchase at the store, but more effective. This is a good choice for anyone looking to do it themselves, but get more bang for their buck.

Dentist Administered Whitening or Bleaching

The overall best solution is to have your dentist administer the whitening personally. This involves an inspection of the teeth and consultation on the causes of discoloration. Because your dentist is an expert in the application of whitening, your results will be exceptional.

Why You Should See a Dentist

Your dentist has years of experience when it comes to whitening, and can give you the ins and outs and answer any questions you may have. It is critical to always be informed whenever you are making any decisions about your dental health.

Teeth Sensitivity

Many patients have purchased over-the-counter treatments for use at home, only to experience intense pain and tooth sensitivity. This is due to misapplication, which is easier to fall into than one might think. While temporary, it is not comfortable. Your dentist, on the other hand, can determine the sensitivity of your teeth and ensure that the application is applied in a way that will not cause pain.

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Modern teeth whitening is simple, fast, and affordable. Don’t take chances with an over-the-counter kit. You may end up with painful teeth and botched results and spend more money in the long run. Consult the dentists at Texas Dental Center, who bring years of expert service in teeth whitening. We’ll get you on the road to a happy, healthy smile in no time!

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