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August 17, 2015
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Pediatric Dentist
August 24, 2015

The moment you open our door you will see our approach to kids is unique and fun. We have a playroom full of games to keep them entertained while waiting for their appointments. We keep their bodies and minds engaged at all times to lessen anxiety. This no stress tactic continues into our treatment rooms so they won’t even have time to become fearful.

In fact, if your child is especially anxious or had a bad experience previously- we encourage you to bring them in to get acquainted with us. Our family friendly attitude will put them right at ease.

Teaching Starts Today

We have a fun way of teaching kids the proper way to brush their teeth and tongues so they can have sparkling shiny teeth. We strive to make their entire visit comfortable and enjoyable. Children love to learn and are always waiting for that “good job” from their parents. So we include mom and dad in the oral care lessons. We will be glad to answer any questions. If your kids are reluctant to follow the routine or start to lag, bring them in for a booster class on the importance of dental hygiene.

Affordable Kids Dentistry

Our overall goal is to provide quality dental care for all kids. We focus on their needs and work to overcome the common obstacles such as availability and costs. Our office hours were created to increase convenience with evening and weekend options. We gladly accept Medicaid and other insurances as well as cash payments. We will assist you with insurance plans and claims to determine the best possible outcome.

The Contagious Smiles

In our office parents and dentist work together to make the most beautiful smiles last a lifetime. When someone has pretty white teeth, they smile more often, and they look and feel better about themselves. Everyone wants that same feeling- it is contagious.

Year round dental hygiene is paramount in protecting your teeth and preventing the development of serious diseases. Reducing costs is an added benefit for now and in your children’s future.

Our pediatric experts consistently seek out the latest techniques available in child dentistry. We provide the most advanced care for our patients whether it’s a more cost effective approach or the latest in available equipment. Treatments for cavities and misaligned teeth have changed dramatically to give kids better results with faster and easier procedures. New methods of management include such things as guards to prevent grinding of the teeth, which may only be spotted by a dentist. This one visit could prevent TMJ from developing. Your dentist may offer other suggestions too.

Common problems can now be avoided if they are discovered early, and treatment begins as soon as possible. Medications for controlling kid’s pain or offering sedation are improving all the time, and we want to provide safest and most efficient options.

Just give us a call to set up the most opportune time for your checkup.

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