Our Pediatric Dentistry Office Helps Kids to Brush Correctly

Our Pediatric Dentistry Office Helps Kids to Brush Correctly

November 16, 2018

At Texas Dental Center, we take the oral health of our young patients seriously. We strive to protect their oral health with as much care and concern as you have for their health! Our goal is to educate young patients and their parents in all aspects of dental health, which often begins with understanding the basics of brushing.

It’s not uncommon for parents of children who’ve reached school age to mistakenly believe they no longer have to monitor their child as they brush. It’s recommended that you perform periodic check-ins to observe how your children take care of their teeth and to provide suggestions if necessary.

But regardless of your child’s age (or your age for that matter), it’s important to continue to brush using the 2-2 rule: brush twice a day for two minutes each time.

It’s also recommended that brushing be done in a circular motion which pushes away any accumulating plaque.

For your child to have optimum oral health, it’s also important to start with the right tools.

Just as you have the right tools for cooking, your child needs the right tools to ensure a happy and healthy smile when they get older!

Their tools include fluoride toothpaste, floss, and a toothbrush that’s not older than six months.

Why is a fresh toothbrush so important? If it’s older than six months it can be full of germs which means your child’s teeth will be more likely to suffer from decay and infection.

Keep in mind that six months is just a general guideline – if the toothbrush begins to look dirty or the bristles begin to fray, it’s time for a replacement regardless of its age!
And even if your child has their brushing and flossing down like a pro, it’s still likely that plaque and tarter will be left behind on their hard-to-reach teeth. Because of this, it’s important that they have an examination and cleaning every six months just as you do.

When it’s time for your child’s next checkup or to be seen for the first time, why not bring them to our pediatric dentistry office at Texas Dental Center in Houston, TX where the professional and caring staff will get them on the road to a picture-perfect smile!

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