Pediatric Dentistry in Houston, TX

Pediatric Dentistry in Houston, TX

When you make an annual appointment with your pediatrician, consider making one with your pediatric dentist too. Houston pediatric dentists prefer to teach parents and children how to care for their teeth. We want your child to have healthy teeth, and we can show you how to accomplish that. Without strong teeth, your child’s ability to chew is diminished, and chewing is the first step in the digestion process. Decayed or misaligned teeth can also affect the clarity of their speech and lead to more complicated health problems.

Why a Pediatric Dentist in Houston, TX?

A pediatric dentist has two or three years of supplementary training after completing the regular dental course. This additional education includes the detailed anatomical changes that occur in our mouths from birth to adolescence. This affords them the expertise to identify delicate changes occurring now that may lead to serious problems later on.

Pediatric Dentistry in Houston

Beginning with early checkups, the dentist can identify small, subtle changes in such things as unexpected jaw growth or teeth emerging prematurely. A set of x-rays can provide a base to allow the dentist to identify unwanted patterns quickly as they occur.

Before Your Child’s First Pediatric Dentistry Visit

You can help make this easy by explaining what will be done. How pictures might be taken and instruments might be placed in their mouth, but they shouldn’t be afraid. You can stay with your child if that helps them. If extensive or complex treatments are needed, we do offer sedation therapy. Once the procedures are complete, you can remain with them while they recover.

We want all kids to have proper dental care, for this reason, we offer evening and weekend office visits. Schedule your child’s appointment with Texas Dental Center today!

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