Texas Dental Center: Advanced Technology

At Texas Dental Center, located in Houston, TX 77036, we are dedicated to providing the best dental care services possible. In order to do so, are Houston dental practice is staffed with an experienced and knowledgeable team and equipped with the latest, most advanced state-of-the-art technology available in the dental industry. Our advanced dental technology allows us to provide our patients with safer, healthier and more effective diagnostic and treatment options. Some of this advanced technology includes:

CS3600 Intraoral Scanner

Our CS3600 intraoral scanner allows us to safely and comfortably create digital impressions of our patients’ mouths to be used in the fabrication process of their treatment. With intraoral scanners, we can get clearer, more precise models in a quicker time period.

Digital X-Rays

With our digital x-rays, we can reduce the amount of radiation of patients are exposed to while getting quicker, more precise digital images. These digital images allow us to zoom and enhance the picture, allowing us to diagnose dental problems much easier.

3D Panoramic X-Rays

With our 3D Panoramic x-rays, we can get a wraparound photograph of a patient’s entire face and teeth. Unlike other x-ray options, we can get a view that can expose hidden structures such as a patient’s wisdom teeth, allowing us to diagnose a broader range of complications and provide prompt and effective treatment.

Laser Dentistry

With laser dentistry, we can provide safer, healthier and more effective treatment options for our patients. Due to the way laser dentistry works, patients often experience quicker recovery times, less pain and discomfort, less bleeding and often won’t even need stitches.

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