Thinking Of Getting Veneers? Important Facts You Should Know

Thinking Of Getting Veneers? Important Facts You Should Know

April 13, 2020

You can have the perfect teeth that you deserve by correcting the defects in your dental. Dental veneers are the solution to having flawless teeth that brings the perfect bright smile that will make you stand out. Veneers are a thin cover of porcelain that is attached permanently to the surface of the teeth to cover the defects in color, shape and positioning of the teeth within the mouth.

Before you reach out to your dentist to get your dental veneers in Houston, here are some important facts that you should know about the veneer teeth procedure.

To get realistic and awesome results you need an equally competent professional

Veneer teeth are judged from two faces; how they appear and the quality of the dentistry. The procedure is aesthetic as well as it is a delicate dental issue. You need a profession who understand dentistry as much as he or she is good at sculpting. For dental veneers in Houston TX, ensure you get the dentist who can create flawless realistic outcome out of the artistry and understands the medicine involved.

There is just as much as veneers can do

When you walk into a dentist to get dental veneers in Houston, do not have very high expectations. Walking in with an image or perception of the set of teeth that you would want may not work for you because the level of improvement is based on the teeth structure and type that you have. The procedure is not like hairdressing where you can pick any style, the dentist works with what you have and improves them.

You do not have to have all your teeth done

It is possible to correct the small defects in your teeth without doing your whole set of teeth. Veneers work as an improvement of the defects. You can have only the defects corrected and the rest left as they were and still realize perfection.

If you are planning to have other procedures relating to plastic surgery, inform your dentist

Good dentists will make improvements from what you are and have. If you are expecting to make some changes such as getting lip injections after the procedure, inform your dentist. This may help in creating teeth that match the face that you will be having after the other changes are made.

You should expect anesthesia during the procedure

You should expect to have local anesthesia to be applied during the procedure. The intention is to numb you as you are being worked on. The dentist will inform you of this. It is important to prepare for this as the recovery is not instant and consult on any possibility of the anesthesia causing some side effects or if there are some conditions that you are under that will result to a reaction.

Expect sore gums

In reaction to the new set of teeth, expect your gums to be sore after the procedure. You may consider having some painkillers to use during this period to control the pain. You can consult further with your dentist and get proper direction on what would be best for you.

Expects bonding sensitivity after the procedure

Studies on the feedback from patients show that half of the patients experience bonding sensitivity. It is thus prudent that you should expect bonding sensitivity. The sensitivity is out of the reaction between the teeth and the cement used in bonding the layer of porcelain. After a while, the sensitivity will wear off and you will fill normal.

The healing process will depend on the stress and strain you subject your teeth to

If you are hard on your teeth such that you grind or clench them with intensity then you should expect a longer healing period. You should go soft on your teeth and stick to soft foods. This way, you will restrict and prevent the disturbance to the parts that are still healing and allow them to have the ample time to heal. Observe the directions given by your doctor to heal within the minimal period expected.

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