What is Bone Grafting in Dentistry?

What is Bone Grafting in Dentistry?

August 31, 2018

For those patients that are considering dental implants, this treatment can produce amazing results. if you’re looking to restore a single tooth or multiple teeth in a way that can last a long time and looks great, you must ensure that your treatment is a success from the very beginning. One treatment that may need to be done before dental implants become a reality is bone grafting. Let’s take a look at what bone grafting is and why you may want it.

Why Do We Lose Bone?

Bone grafting is done to reinforce parts of the jaw and gums that have begun to lose bones. your natural teeth are surrounded by a type of bone called alveolar bone which helps hold them in place. When you lose teeth, this phone can begin to deteriorate and diminish. After time bone gradually reabsorbs, and this phone resorption can reduce the height and width of your alveolar bone. When Is bone grafting necessary?

How Will I Know If Bone Grafting Is Needed?

At a dental implant consultation, are dental professionals will take digital dental X-rays and a CT scan to determine whether or not bone grafting is necessary in your particular dental implant treatment case.

What are Some of the Different Bone Grafting Techniques?

The most common bone grafting technique is called a sinus lift or graft. This particular type of grafting is necessary if you want to replace upper back teeth. This part of your jaw bone is close to your sinuses meaning that the bone in this area tends to be thinner than normal. This bone grafting measure will lift the membrane in the sinus up and out of the way to make room for the bone grafting material to be packed into the newly-created space.

What Type of Bone Will Be Used?

Typically your own bone or even bone from a human donor is used most commonly in bone grafting techniques. Knowing which type of bone is best for you will be determined by one of our dental professionals at Texas Dental Center.

Is Bone Grafting Safe?

To know for sure if bone grafting is right for you, please give us at Texas Dental Center in Houston, TX, a call. We’re ready to take any questions you may have concerning your dental health!

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