When Clear Aligners Aren’t The Right Option

When Clear Aligners Aren’t The Right Option

October 15, 2018

For many years, when people thought of orthodontic treatment, the first thing to come to mind was “metal mouth”. However, in recent years, Invisalign and other clear braces have become an extremely popular orthodontic treatment option. While clear aligners have many benefits, they aren’t actually a perfect treatment for every single patient.

At Texas Dental Center, we are proud to offer clear aligners in Houston along with traditional orthodontic options, ensuring the patients of all kinds can receive the orthodontic care they deserve. Wondering when our Houston clear aligners might not be the best option?

  • Drastic Tooth Movement
    When it comes to severely malpositioned teeth or jaws, clear aligners may not be the best option. Fixed orthodontic appliances such as traditional metal braces offer much better tooth movement and can be used for most any tooth movement.
  • Moving Molars
    Although rare, moving molars can actually be quite difficult due to the fact their roots are much stronger. We recommend fixed orthodontic appliances when molar movement is required as the required time using clear aligners would not be worth it.
  • Forgetful Patients
    Do you often misplace things or forget them? Clear aligners can actually be removed in order to allow patients to properly eat, drink and even clean their smile. Due to the fact, clear aligners can be removed, many patients misplace them, resulting in additional aligners having to be created. Other patients simply forget to change their aligners at all, resulting in increased treatment time and less effective treatment.
  • Quick Treatment
    Interested in achieving your dream smile quickly? Clear aligners aren’t capable of moving teeth quite as quickly as fixed orthodontic appliances such as traditional metal braces. If you want your orthodontic treatment to be completed quickly, we recommend opting for an alternative orthodontic treatment option.

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